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Adventure and Wildlife

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We have some exciting adventure activities for you to consider and a diverse array of flora and fauna to discover, meaning there are many ways to explore the forest.


With a range of designated walking trails to follow, you can find yourself deep in the forest before breakfast.


Or, you might like to find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the tranquillity and sounds of the forest. 


There is also the option of trekking deeper into the Eburru Forest Reserve. Here you will experience the high canopy, steep valleys and wide volcanic craters. Please ask for further information.

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Activities on offer:

  • Walks within the 500 acre Loldia Eburru Forest can be arranged on request - please just ask. Walkers MUST be escorted by one of our forest guides:

    • 1hr walk @ 500 per adult & 350/- per child below 13 yrs

    • + 1.5hr walk @ 800 per adult & 500/- per child below 13 yrs

  • We are developing a network of cycle tracks which we look forward to opening soon, but in the meantime, guests are welcome to bring their bikes and ride around the open areas in the campsite.

For those wildlife enthusiasts, finding tracks and signs of the elusive forest wildlife is always exciting, and with hides and water holes strategically positioned, we hope you might catch a glimpse of our forest inhabitants.


Residents of the forest include bushbuck, zebra, common duiker, buffalo, guereza (black and white) colobus monkey, and blue monkey. Also found but more inconspicuous are leopard, spotted hyena, bush pig, porcupine, genet, hyrax and galago. Further up in the forest, the mountain bongo and giant forest hog are present. The mountain bongo is a critically endangered species.

With 188 species of bird, it is definitely worth taking some time to observe the variety and array of colour on offer.


Spend some time looking up into the canopy and you might just see a crowned eagle, a long-crested eagle or a Hartlaub's touraco.


Aside from the forest, you might choose to spend time on or around Lake Naivasha, which, at the foot of the mountain, is a very different ecosystem altogether.


The Lake is home to a different set of bird species including ibis, kingfishers and fish eagles. 


Whilst on the shores of the lake, guests are likely to see herds of grazing and browsing wildlife such as impala, zebra, gazelle, buffalo, warthog and giraffe, and pods of hippopotamus wallowing in the shallows.

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